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My profile and work

I had spent some times updating my profile, catalog of my past exhibition, here they are for donw loading.
4chambers - of Nature Catalog Artist Profile – - Here is where to download for your desktop:

Tiong Bahru Sketches

Here are some watercolours I had done at Tiong Bahru. I thought it may be good to include all here. Tiong Bahru is getting more vibrant and has become a place of interest for many. Some residents are not quite happy about the noise and traffic generated from its popularity among young and hip Singaporeans, as well as foreigners. It encapsulates a certain history and old day charm.

4 Chambers

This is my fourth exhibition this year. It had been so amazing and exciting creating works and seeing them being exhibited and garnering response from friends and fans of my work. So much to learn and understand in this whole process of getting my work into the hands of the buyers and I still have lots to learn in promoting and selling my work. So grateful that there are so many people helping in this whole process of an artist's journey. I am also actively getting the Galleries to sell my work and one huge thankyou to Tembusu and MayaGallery.
Here is my poster and flyer.

Check out my 4 Chambers exhibition on mobile apps here,


I spent the last 2 days shooting the Orange Thimble. Here are some of the shots.
As I love to shoot only in existing light. High Dynamic Range photography is really the best solution for the situation, especially for me, because I simply believe in using the least equipment to achieve the result I perceived. For this series, I use the Canon 7D, a sturdy and lovely camera. Except, I can't carry it around for long. Anyway, different cameras are needed for different subject matters – my personal believe. Here I use the wide angle lens to include as much of the interiors which provide a complete rendition of the ambience of the place. With a tripod, the light Mamiya carbon fibre which is discontinued, I did automated bracketing and process the work in Photomatix.

Portraits of History

Just completed the design for the exhibition poster and rushing on the website for the exhibition. Exciting! For the past weeks I was nursing the gout and painting watercolor for this shows. I was encourage by Chyi Yun Shiah of Viridian Art House to exhibit my watercolor works. However, I was torn between digital photography and watercolor. Eventually, I decided to digitize and watercolor, combining old scene and new technology, paralleling history and currency with watercolor and digital photography, as well as digital image manipulation, completing them in full circle, putting the past in the present and the present in the past. Recalling those words of T.S. Elliot. I can't remember the full quotation but if one google perhaps one can find it. That is the wonder of the web and search engine. 

Download pdf Portraits of History Poster

Punggol Promenade #2

Spending more time adjusting and perfecting the shots. There were so much rubbish on the floor. Park user stayed overnight and left rubbish strewn everywhere. Perhaps the next time I have to get a broom and sweep up before I shoot the photos. I really hope there is a raid squat to nap all these people who litter our lovely parks.

Punggol Promenade

I went to shoot the sunrise, sunset and park users for the past 2 weeks. Last Sunday was my sixth visit to shoot. Well last week the weather was not so kind. There were too much cloud and too little sunlight. The shadow was so weak. The week before comparatively was much better, but I thought the rising sun was covered by the cloud too. Anyway, here are a few shots which I think are the selected few which I prefer. I have to spend more time on the post processing. A glimpse would satisfied one's curiosity. In the past, creating a great shot has a lot to do with darkroom printing  as much as the shooting and it never changes much, I now spend more time post processing and tuning the photos. Photography needs discipline and creativity too.

Old Shanghai - Pixelation

I spent some time, creating this digital piece. Here is the few snapshot of the piece.

Hong Kong Street, Singapore, in the 80's

This is a series of snapshots of the paintings. When magnified, we see the stroke and the colours interact in ways that begin to be an adventure of our visual senses. The process is first selecting photographs from a series of old shots I had taken many years ago and reconstruct them in watercolours. Then scan or digitally photograph them, bring them into Photoshop and digitally manipulate them. The final output can be done on a photographic print or on canvas. Here is the series of snapshots I had taken from the watercolour I had done. This process investigates the translation and interpretation of old photos, converting them into another form, fragmenting them, re-framing them, adding digital manipulation to pixelate them, creating a myriad of colours, allowing the audience to see the colours and enjoy its form and texture. The fragments are to be printed in large pieces. The audience step back to see the fragment. Perhaps they can then piece together the fragments in their mind. I…