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This is my second exhibition in this year. This year had been really exciting as I had been looking for places to hold exhibition for my work. I did a solo last month, launch a collector's book with Fotohub and now my second show (together with another 3 artists, Keng Hee, Meng Yong and Jason Ang) on my acrylic painting and documentary photographic work on Singapore. Yes, I have to put in lot of time and hard work, which goes without saying. Financial drain too, as I have 2 children to support. Of course, I get their support too when I needed. They are my helping hands. In this exhibition, you will see my acrylic work: Project 49. Everyday, I painted the Marina Bay Sands, pondered about the significant of it all for 49 days. It was a form of meditation. 49 days has a great significant in Chinese numerology, pugilistic master goes into a sealed cave or room to meditate for 7x7 days and supposedly emerge with greater wisdom. '49 days' is a form of therapy of the mind. The process was really enriching as I had to juggle with work, traveling and the growing size of the canvas I had painted.
I started on the premise to challenge myself to create very different ways of painting Sands. I did and created the simplest form of a single line to complex work that took me five hours to complete. Here you can download the Press release.
This is the most complex piece needing most time to complete.
You could add me in the facebook and check out more works listed there.  

For more information on the exhibition, check the exhibition site,


  1. Wow, very nice pieces of art. Especially love the last painting. :)

  2. Thanks Ting. Join me at the preview night. Nothing beats seeing the real thing.

  3. Hi Uncle Mengfoo, You have got an inspiring collection of paintings. I will drop by if i am free. Take care. Hope the boys are doing fine as well :)
    (Bob's daughter)

  4. Will await your arrival Ann. It is fun to come to the preview night. Next Friday, 7pm. Thx for compliment. My elder son is busy with school work and friends.


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