Monday, March 12, 2012

Converting PhotoCD

As I was preparing for my exhibition, "The Art Spectacles" I had a lot of problems trying to convert the PhotoCD images that I had spent a fortune, in the early 90's, to convert from negative, because Kodak promise something that was difficult to reject – "Kodak PhotoCD last a 100 years". Many photographers like me jumped on the opportunity to ensure that our photos could last that long. Little did we realized until now, that Kodak has change her motto, it was big in promise but when come to delivering it – it fell short. Kodak no long support the application such as ShoeBox, which I paid and painstakingly enter data for my images and cataloged them. Now ShoeBox is defunct, all those work went down the drain. Time wasted too. Now, Kodak don't event support the plugin for Photoshop. Gosh! What is wrong with Kodak? Utterly wrong. Kodak seems no different from any other newly sprung up tech firms, they promised but can't stay long to see it through. So much for "Memories that last a hundred years". Did John Scully headed Kodak after resigning from Apple? So who is heading Kodak now? I wonder. Perhaps Fuji has better staying power, with their Fuji X100. I had been very satisfied with the quality and footprint. It seems no one had a good solution for archiving images, perhaps Steve Jobs' next big thing if he had been around. God is really in the details. Waiting patiently for the next big thing on images and videos.

The web is truly a solution knowledge base system. I found the way to install plugin to Photoshop CS3. The pulgin comes with the Goodies CD that comes with Photoshops. I copied the folder Kodak PhotoCD with the Plugin into: Application/Adobe Photoshop CS3/Plug-ins/. Next which took me a lot of time to find out is to copy the color profiles in the folder PhotoCD Color Profiles into: systemhardisk/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Profiles/. Next when runningPhotoshop, it had to be set to Rosetta. First locate the application in the Application folder, locate the applications and do a "command I", a dialog box opened and then checked "Open Using Rosetta". Once done now you can open Photoshop and start opening PhotoCD files. Well, only problems the action and droplets don't function very well. So some manual work is required. But what the hack at least now I can open my files. Spent a whole days and only open less than 10 CDs. Time consuming.

Here are some of my old photos, which will be showcasing at "The Art Spectacles".

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