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The Poster for - The Art Spectacles

Just completed the poster – 3 visual artists and an audio artist. All so disparate in their area, expression and use of medium. Well, I chose to illustrate their work in thin strip and a skip in the last strip when Jason is shown jumping with his musical equipment. He seems to be feature prominently, well, the question is how else can you show an audio artist work on visual. I presume nothing beats the musician in action. In painting, the works tells about the artists. So, thin strip, strips their context, color grouping becomes important. Hence a gradation of light to dark, fullest of cyan, magenta and some black.

Use your iphone or smart phone to zap this QRcode above and you got all the necessary information about the exhibition. There is a number to call too if you want more information. 
Here is the poster, to the left (sometimes on different browser its position runs), feel free to download, print, hang up, and disseminate them. We will be grateful for anyone doing that.

Well, it is so interesting to visualize how the exhibition comes together visually.


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