Sunday, March 11, 2012

Win an Art iphone case #5

This is a contest run together with Silver Lining. The idea is to understand my own work through the viewers' eyes and minds. Your comments are the next layer of reading of the photographs. Here is the images for all viewers to made comments and from their comments we will pick the winner. Please enter your comment below.
Below are my thoughts, 
The intense whiteness contrasting with frenzied dark strokes, of tree branches, delight and bath us with their starkness and complexity. One see nakedness. Without the leaves, one can trace their journey towards the sky reaching for more sunlight. Searching. Don’t we all search too. We never cease to search. The search itself is our destiny. Remove all the disguises and we see what matters most in our lives. To be true to ourselves, is not easy.

Bruce Lee said it well, “ ... but to express oneself honestly not lying to myself, ... that my friend is very hard to do.”

When we are true to ourselves we will be fulfilled.

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  1. as tragic as it may seem, i feel an eerie silence of death from this one. and with endless network of branches and twigs, it doesn't leave much room for escape. feel somewhat trapped and unsafe.