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Win an Art iphone case #6

This is a contest run together with Silver Lining. The idea is to understand my own work through the viewers' eyes and minds. Your comments are the next layer of reading of the photographs. Here is the images for all viewers to made comments and from their comments we will pick the winner. Please enter your comment below.
Below are my thoughts, 
It gives me a calming effect and persuade me to sway with life rather than struggle against it. Often life has been described as a form of struggle. The Chinese idiom described life as liken to a boat paddling against the current, it either moves forward or gets carried away by the current. Perhaps, being with the flow of things could be a good thing. Who knows?

Being constrain by a certain urban myth, at times, can be limiting. Perhaps, drift with nature, be adventurous, and receive nature’s grace.

Flow. And be at Peace.

To have a better view of the image, check here, 
The reward: 


  1. i would like to feel this gentleness upon my face. a kind of gentleness that would make me willing to take a leap of faith


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