Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Win an Art iphone case #7

This is a contest run together with Silver Lining. The idea is to understand my own work through the viewers' eyes and minds. Your comments are the next layer of reading of the photographs. Here is the images for all viewers to made comments and from their comments we will pick the winner. Please enter your comment below.
Below are my thoughts, 
In darkness our imagination runs wild. Without the twinkling stars, nor north stars, we loose our orientation, without a companion, lost overwhelms us. We should light up within. Our lights, in us, would be brighter and brighter as we gain faith and strength. We persevere and we know tomorrow will be just as bright as another day, night is always spent when we rest, less we become the restless.

The title alludes to ‘Starry, Starry Night’, by Vincent where the stars illuminates in saturated fury. Don McLean aptly described the feeling in his song ‘Vincent’.
‘Starless Night’ is about our darkest moment and only we, with faith, could free ourselves. And lead us out of the darkness, let there be light within.

Kev Ryan has this to say,
 “The more and more I look at this image the more it connects with the words....more than the words.. but lwhat lays behind the words emotionally...those dark and difficult moments of which you speak...those personal, intimate challenges that take us to the edge of our being and become long mights of the soul....the deep blue and the shapes and inter-connectedness of the branches resonate for me at some level....as if I am re-member-ing a past experience and maybe where I looked to in order to resolve the conflicts within.”
Here is a link to the song ‘Vincent’ written by Don McLean .
To have a better view of the image, check here, http://portraits.dimagehunter.com/Cat/Site/Cat/Cat.html 
The reward: 

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