Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Win an Art iphone case #1

This is a contest run together with Silver Lining. The idea is to understand my own work through the viewers' eyes and minds. Your comments are the next layer of reading of the photographs. Here is the images for all viewers to made comments and from their comments we will pick the winner. Please enter your comment below.
Below are my thoughts,
Captured in Fort Canning one early morning. The twisting of the branches and the layering of the leaves, at a certain height, leaves of various forms and sizes, produce this magnificent sight. Looking up, I felt the grandeur of nature, mesmerized, absorbed and danced to its sway. A great day lies ahead.

We are always humbled and awed at the magnificent beauty of nature.  Watching nature is a meditative process. We derive peace and a sense of oneness with the mysterious Cosmo. Through it we see our desire and learn to loose them. Through it we cleanse ourselves of our cluttered thoughts and worries; we become crystal clear.

As we lookup, we see clearly the escalation and layering. And, eventually, we find peace.
Let's hear what you have to say.

To have a better view of the image, check here, 

The reward: Dreamy Red


  1. this picture makes me feel like i could drift off into a dream of peace and serenity, away from the frenzied experience of my life. (very much similar to the artist's thoughts)

  2. Yes, when it sway, and I am looking upwards, I felt the drift.

  3. Dear Meng Foo,

    The one thing that struck me when I looked at this picture was the image of a stream and how interesting it is that I am looking at the trees' branches against the skylight and yet, I see a stream, a lake, a river, a pond. Amazing how natural objects can tickle our senses like this.


  4. Yap, Vimal, many of them had told me the same feeling you had just described. It is as if a stream runs through the trees. I learned from the Kalthom, from Nparks, that it is canopy shyness. Interesting to note.