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Tiong Bahru Sketches

Here are some watercolours I had done at Tiong Bahru. I thought it may be good to include all here. Tiong Bahru is getting more vibrant and has become a place of interest for many. Some residents are not quite happy about the noise and traffic generated from its popularity among young and hip Singaporeans, as well as foreigners. It encapsulates a certain history and old day charm.
Blk 56, at Eng Hoon Street
Along Eng Hoon Street, Blk 56
At the Junction next to the Food Market
Junction at the Food Market, Looking towards Seng Poh Road.
The interesting circular stairs at the open carparks looking at the back of Blk 80
At the Junction next to the Food Market
Junction at the Food Market, Looking towards Eng Hoon Street.


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