Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Little India

This is a series of photograph I had taken over a period of a few months in Little India. It explore the dynamics and life in Little India. Little India has kept the old flavour. The people, their trades and habits has traces of the past, although some have already modernized and re-invent themselves to keep up. In Little India, we see a continuum of history. Their diversities are expressed outwardly with warm and friendliness. It was a journey, a humbling one, while documenting the streetscape and the people. People are what make the street interesting. They are featured prominently, architecture and the environment become secondary, helping to establish context and support the story told in each photograph.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Journal 01

I was asked to write my journal on a blog, so here is the journal. I have been blogging since 1995 when Singtel started to launch their deep-up services. It was really slow then, something like 56kbps, if I can recall accurately, or perhaps it was 125kbps, most likely not, I think 125kbps was an upgrade with a faster dial-up modem. Now, it is a world of difference, I am using a 50Mbps fiber optic broadband modem. I could watch video and study on-line. I had been wanting to have my own server and now there is the cloud where Google and Microsoft would give a few gigabytes free for storage. Back then, a hardisk of 250MB cost me a thousand dollars to buy one. Memory is cheap now, but programs are getting heavy too, as everyone is not concern about conserving space; they prefer to be more slavish with storing more information in case they just might need it. I am one of those culprits; I must confess. I have so many hardisk and searching for information on the hardisk becomes a mammoth task. It is really a discipline to organize and trim files to their required size for safe keeping. However, I do face a lot of problems when application and hardware got phased out as time progresses. I would need time to convert and transfer this information into the new format and the storage device. The clue, I figure was to store names in the 'file name' instead of in a database program. Fortunately, many people have seen this problem and have created a 'meta-data' in the file itself. This is a great way forward. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

My catalogue for the work I had been doing

Here is a series of websites which show my work:

  1. Project 49
  2. Portraits of Nature
  3. Portraits of History

There are also catalogs here. The price may varies and not updated due to their year of publication.