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Portraits of Nature - Plants of Fort Canning 大自然系列

Portraits of Nature - Plants of Fort Canning 大自然系列 A series was painted in 2013 Investigating the nature of things through the medium of watercolors. Perhaps returning to its source, wondering about the idea of the indestructibility of the source. In its indestructibility perhaps is a certain absolute and eternity. And perhaps the truth is in this absolute and unchangeable eternity. Eternity in the sense of the absolute which could cut across time, unrestrained or limit by it. How then would one paint that absolute using nature as a vehicle and watercolour as the medium? What is that source and that absolute? Very often I have been asked what is Art, as many would prefer a painting to be a copy of what we see. It is good if there is a great amount of likeness between the real and the painted. For purchase email :

山水抒豪情,雨林写情怀 –写新加坡的花草树木 总是觉得很多所谓的不一样的知识都有它的连贯性,摄影,画画,哲学,文学,设计,心理学等。宇宙的运作是有一定的规律,它从无而运行为有,我们把它种种的有归纳为种种不一样的学科,简单化后可能我们就能察觉它的规律。了解了我们就能安下心来,来去自如。

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