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Little India

Portraits of History VI 2014-2015 Little India  Now Exhibiting at Muffinry
112, Telok Ayer Street

Documenting the living before they become history. For the dead shall rest in peace. And, nothing is more vivid and intriguing than those which are living. Choo Meng Foo

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 The Vegetable Street, 27th Jan 2015
Choo Meng Foo Ink on Acid Free Paper 149mm x 210mm The Little India Series $650
Description Drawn with Platinum Desk Pen 14K EF Nib with Atramentis Archive Ink.  Along The Buffalo Road are many shops selling vegetables and through the years the numbers have increased. Selling vegetables have perhaps been more profitable than selling spices. Daisy Green occupies two shop lots and it is one whose business is flourishing. The displays overflow to the five-foot ways and turns round the corner along the partition wall. Every space is worthy of more business opportunity. The shop intrudes into public spaces, calling out to the passerby. It becomes a certain social, s…

Raffles Hall Old Address

Together with Rendy, Sonny, Andrew and Yiyu we visited Nparks and seek their collaboration in conceiving a plaque to comm Andreemorate the Old Raffles Hall. It is wonderful thought. I had a few sessions of discussion with Andrew and we came up with this preliminary version of the design. Some wonderful text will be penned by Andrew and we are also including little stories and photos in the plaque. Do comment and give us your stories and photographs. Thanks
Site study images in Photosynth format. Design in JPG formatAnimation is in Vimeo