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Chasing the Dragon

Dreaming of the dragon, capturing their uniqueness, imagining their prowess, dreaming up their form, referencing her closest relative – the Varanus Nebulosus

Choo Meng Foo
In one of my exhibition I collaborated with Artists and requested them to add to my line drawing. The collaboration was very revealing and enjoyable – unraveling the other artists' intention and process. I even have Yen Phang, painted on the spot with music by Justin and Jason. Of course with wine and light refreshment.  This series is about dragon. The closest I could find in reality is the various genus of Lizard. Here the viewer are invited to add to the drawing as they would.  Here are some possible pieces which I had done with reference to the photographs I had take. Here I had spontaneously drew portion of the image. The audience can than refer to the photographs if they wish and add their own interpretation.