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Stop Painting Tree Blue

We have to stop this Paint the Tree Blue Event.
It is a violent act to paint the tree. Disrespecting nature.The act encourage disrespect of nature in participant, that nature is at our disposal.Killing of organism, algae, moss, insects and arthropods, the tree is like the earth it supports many living things. It supports an eco-system.This will become a parody piece, protecting nature by destroying it. And the Singapore, as a Garden City, is not shown in good light at all. 
The act of painting the LIVING  TREE itself is a violent act against nature. All act of bad faith is done in the name of goodness. Here is my expression in words if I am the tree:

Don't Paint me blue
What have I done to deserve this?
In the name of environment you said
Ah? Ah? Ah?
I gave you shade
I gave you a garden
I gave you myraid lives
The spiders
The ants
The dragon flies
The weevils
The birds
They call me their home
And you?
Paint me and paint them?
So you can have a blue spectacles?
Human, you have done …