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Stop Painting Tree Blue

We have to stop this Paint the Tree Blue Event.
  1. It is a violent act to paint the tree. Disrespecting nature.
  2. The act encourage disrespect of nature in participant, that nature is at our disposal.
  3. Killing of organism, algae, moss, insects and arthropods, the tree is like the earth it supports many living things. It supports an eco-system.
  4. This will become a parody piece, protecting nature by destroying it. And the Singapore, as a Garden City, is not shown in good light at all. 

The act of painting the LIVING  TREE itself is a violent act against nature. All act of bad faith is done in the name of goodness. Here is my expression in words if I am the tree:

Don't Paint me blue
What have I done to deserve this?
In the name of environment you said
Ah? Ah? Ah?
I gave you shade
I gave you a garden
I gave you myraid lives
The spiders
The ants
The dragon flies
The weevils
The birds
They call me their home
And you?
Paint me and paint them?
So you can have a blue spectacles?
Human, you have done enough.
Let me be me
So I can nurse my wound.
Go away!

Thank you.

1st Appeal Letter 

I am appealing to you to help stopped this painting the tree blue event.

I enjoy the green in Singapore a lot and are proud of them, here is an artist who wants to paint tree blue, which is infringing into the naturalness of nature, for whatever claim the artist claimed, the expression is one of mutilating nature, we don't save whales by painting them blue, so please help to avert this situation as it would sent a wrong signal to Singaporean that in the name of Art, artist can come up with absurd idea that destroy and claim to protect, we should not be partake in it,

2nd Appeal Letter (To NAC)

I would caution (and alert your attention) that the act of painting living tree blue is an act of abusing our green environment and as a respected organisation please stop this event. 

I vaguely remember that a man went on holiday and forgot to feed his fishes and he was fined or jail, yes this case was in Singapore I believed, however, my recollection may be mistaken. Oh, Michael Peter Fay was caned for his spray paint act of creativity. In 2010 Swiss national, Oliver Fricker was convicted of vandalism after he spray-painted on MRT. Samantha Lo, Singapore's "Sticker Lady", sentenced to 240 hours. The message is clear that this country don't take paint lightly. 

Following is a link which I had gathered to illustrate that plants although immobile and brainless, do have feelings, emotion and intelligence. They can react to abusive situation. They may emit chemicals into the air as their defence mechanism. And some of these chemicals could be devastating. 

As we are responsible citizen, I see that it is my duty to persuade you to see beyond the veil of ART. Art can, at times, border on absurdity. In May 1961, Piero Manzoni produced ninety cans of Artist's Shit. Each was numbered on the lid 001 to 090. He sold one to one Alberto Lùcia. But we wouldn’t want to buy his shit. We wouldn’t. Would you?  (

In my practise of Urban Designer, authenticity is one important criteria. We show tree as tree, wood grain as wood grain, so that we can appreciate their naturalness. Covering tree with paint (or colorant as you put it) cannot reveal nature’s beauty, it only obscures and confuses, worst pollute environmentally.

With a clear conscious and rational mind we trust that you can make a committed stand in stopping this Painting the Tree Blue event, which has a total disregard for nature and naturalness. Otherwise the effect of this absurdity would sent a wrong message to Singaporean. I wonder what would Singaporean think of your organisation? And would it generate a distrust of ART and Artists?

Please watch this video I had painstakingly research and put together from youtube. As it gives new light in the understanding of the plant world. They are living organism, they can react. 


Meetings with NAC 

I was invited by Npark to a meeting with NAC after I had alerted them of my concern on this 'Paint the Tree Blue' event. The artist was also present in this meeting.
I reiterated the points stated above but it seems that NAC is only concern if the paint (colorant as referred by NAC) is toxic, but that is not the main issues against the act of painting the tree blue. The main issues I reiterate as below according to their importance:
  1. It is a violent act against nature. Disrespecting nature.
  2. The act encourage disrespect of nature in participant, that nature is at our disposal.
  3. Killing of minute organism, algae, moss, insects and arthropods, the tree is like the earth it supports many living things. It supports an eco-system.
  4. This will become a parody piece, protecting nature by destroying it. And the Singapore, as a Garden City, is not shown in good light at all. 

NAC Postpone the event

NAC issue a media release to postpone the event. In it the reason was given to postpone the event. We were rather disappointed as we are of the opinion that the event should be cancelled. 
Ria Tan had good arguments against it too. 

Further action

  1. Education on the 'Understanding of ART', as ART will tread into area of ethics and morality, existential absurdity, didactic implication, ... A good understanding of ART allows us to make a lucid decision 
  2. Projects to bring out the beauty of Nature as nature itself, example Bark photographs
  3. Perhaps from this episode we can learn from it that Nature itself is beautiful, we need not add or subtract from it. Discussion and sharing  sessions. 


Links to others

From others

Prohibited acts within public parks
5.  No person shall carry out any activity within any public park which he knows or ought reasonably to know —
causes or may cause alteration, damage or destruction to any property, tree or plant within the public park; or
causes or may cause injury to, or the death of, any animal or any other organism within the public park.

Yew Kian Chee Andrew Lee Kee Seng, Maybe my botanist friend can give some comments.
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Lee Kee Seng · Friends with William Lee and 7 others
I agree that its bad. Trees ate not single orgnisms. The host whole ecosystems of algae, lichens, fungi, ferns, ants, woodlice, insect larvae, mantis, and birds, such as woodpeckers which feed on insects. So no, don't paint because paints are toxic and kills all the wonderful wildlife on the trees

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Yew Kian Chee Andrew I wish to add that Kee Seng used to work in a paint company and much of his work was also to see how toxic their paints were.
Leong Kwok Peng U have certainly raise the awareness of this controversial event - as far as I know the Nature Society is not supporting it

Yew Kian Chee Andrew Meng Foo I suggest you sacrifice yourself to protect the trees and its ecosystem.
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Choo Meng Foo I too cannot be the blue tree, for sure. But I will disuade people from such act of 'violent' in the name of art and nature. Some artist even canned their shit to sell as art, but we won't buy this artist shit. Will you?
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Choo Meng Foo

In May 1961, while he was living in Milan, Piero Manzoni produced ninety cans of Artist's Shit. Each was numbered…

Choo Meng Foo Yes love them in their natural environment, not keep them in my house for sure
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Choo Meng Foo Minute spider found on the many web on the trunk, less than 1 mm possibly,
Choo Meng Foo Lost of ants too, will be covered in blue paint. Becoming d' la art object.


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