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Kyo Terai + Yoko Fujii

Simple and elegant lines bespoke the art of Yoko Fujii. Traveling in Kyoto, other than drinking tea and taking in the minimalist framed view of the Japanese rock garden, shopping for teapots is another form of therapy. Perhaps it is another way for the ladies of the house.
Here we got a piece of work by Yoko Fuji, graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts in 1967. Her works had been exhibited in Kyoto and Germany.
Plan view where the sprout is anchored by radiating tooth which allows the tea to flow through and filter off the tea leaves, creating a clear stream when the tea is poured into the tea cup. Three simple abstract illustration of earth and life decorate each cups and the pot. uniting them into a series for a pair of drinking couple.

Close up view of the illustration at the bottom of the the tea cup. It serves as a gauge for the clarity of the tea.

A close up view of the tea pot, there are 7 teeth and 8 grooves. The lid has a small breathing eyelet for allowing pressure or steam to escape from the pot. These small little details kept the tradition construct of the tea pot, they are minimal and practical.

Frontal details of the tea pot.

The dotted collar and the sprout make an interesting dialogue, of anchoring and excelling beyond its boundary.  

The inscription beneath the tea cups marks the trace of the artist, the insignia of Yoko Fujii. 

This abstraction from the plan view shows that the tea pot is well balance and conceived. 


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